What Is The True Definition Of A Smart Lock?

The demand for smart locks has significantly gone up during the past few years. When a smart lock was first brought in the market, there were several users and homeowners who were uncertain about whether to upgrade their traditional locks to smart locks or not. It was because they were comfortable with the use of the conventional locks and keys.

In case they were worried about safety, they preferred to upgrade the traditional locks by using extra screws or switching their existing locks with linger throws. On the other hand, smart locks are automated and so their users can enjoy extra efficiency and convenience, which lack in traditional locks.

Defining a smart lock
Firstly, a smart lock is a kind of lock. The most important function of any lock is to either allow or bar entry after it has been engaged. This functionally of the lick helps to prevent the entry of intruders and burglars. While smart lock also performs this function, it does it in a different manner using a distinct set of tools. A smart lock performs the functions of locking as well as unlocking after receiving a set of proper instructions from a particular device. This authorized device uses a cryptographic key and a wireless protocol to make sure that the process of authorization is conducted smoothly.
A smart lock is usually operated with the help of a smart phone or a smart home hub. So, it is essential that such devices are able to receive as well as transmit data. The protocols used make sure that there is secure data transmission between the devices. The intention of a wireless communication protocol is to assess and handle error detection along with correction, signaling between the devices and signal authentication.
Components of a smart lock
Typically any smart lock will have 2 major parts that are further classified into smaller parts. These two parts are its software and hardware. Both these parts need to work in proper sync to ensure that the functioning of a smart lock is smooth. If either of its parts does not function properly, the operation of a smart lock can get compromised. Hence, it is essential that its software is well laid. Moreover, a smart lock has to be resistant to physical attacks till certain extent.

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